Bald Eagles Soar Again





In the 1980’s the United States of America almost lost part of its national emblem. Bald Eagles Soar Again chronicles Thomas J. Rauber’s dedication and work to prevent the extinct extinction of this magnificent and majestic bird of prey.

In collaboration with Dr. Dean Amadon, Curator of Ornithology at the Museum of Natural History in New York, Rauber was instrumental in starting the restoration of the bald eagles in the United States. He studied these birds for 37 years; spending many hours observing the last known nesting pair in all of New York State. As part of his work, Rauber also traveled to Alaska, Florida, North Carolina, British Columbia and Queen Charlotte Island in Canada.

The restoration program was a shining success — far exceeding the hopes of many. Bald eagles now live in every state but Hawaii. By writing this book, the author hopes to encourage the continued protection and at a tough conservation of the bald eagle.






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